Empower the next generation of women leaders

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Empower the next generation of women leaders

About the speaker
  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran
    Founder at NYC Fintech Women
    Michelle is a passionate leader with success in financial services and fintech. She is currently SVP, Head of Enterprise Sales at Vestwell, a digital 401k provider helping millions of people save for retirement. Her professional background includes BlackRock, Apex Clearing, and Harness Wealth. Michelle has industry experience that includes FinTech, WealthTech, Asset Management, Clearing/Custody, Payments, BaaS, Digital Assets, and more. She has been recognized as an industry leader by the Innovate Finance Powerlist (Senior Leader category 2019, 2020), #28 on the Top Women In FinTech 2021 by FinTech Magazine, and Primary Venture's 40 NYC Leaders You Need to Know.

Key takeaways

Diversity of thought helps a company's performance. That's why firms with women in leadership roles do better.

Investors need to look outside their own networks to solve the representation issue.

Be ready to have uncomfortable conversations with the younger generation in a way to relates to business success.

As a woman, you need to build your own personal board and create a network that includes supportive women professionals.

Don't be shy to connect and ask for advice.