Can specialist industry content still be fun?

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Can specialist industry content still be fun?

About the speaker
  • Regina Stephenson
    Regina Stephenson
    Sr. Content Specialist at AgentSync
    Regina Stephenson is a writer and editor concentrating on the financial services industry, most specifically insurance and insurtech. By taking an inside-the-community approach to compliance news, her exposure of changing regulations and the inflection points of insurance technology keep the insurance industry informed, educated, and (hopefully) entertained. Currently writing at the AgentSync blog, Regina’s other experiences include ghostwriting and publishing books for independent financial professionals and serving as an online editor for the state capital’s newspaper. She enjoys breaking down complex topics into bite-sized, understandable pieces, and is passionate about good storytelling. Outside of her professional work, you can find Regina parenting three kids alongside husband Adam, waging war on the chaos of their fixer-upper bungalow, or reading and watching fantasy escapist stories in Kansas.

Key takeaways

Build your expertise in the niche and tailor your approach and content to address the audience unique concerns and interests.

Analyse existing content for the target audience and find ways to fill knowledge or angle gaps.

The content needs to be informative, but if it's informative and boring the message may get lost.