Emotional intelligence: 5 elements in 5 minutes

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Emotional intelligence: 5 elements in 5 minutes

About the speaker
  • Iftikhar Nadeem
    Iftikhar Nadeem
    Chairman at ICF Global Board for Coaching in Organizations
    Iftikhar is a High Energy Executive, Management Thinker, and Organizational Director at a leading Middle East institution. As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), he specializes in executive coaching for high-potential individuals, those addressing performance issues, and newly appointed C-Level executives. With a background as a Learning & Development Director and HR Strategy Advisor, Iftikhar supports C-level executives in overcoming challenges through a co-creative and thought-provoking process. With a proven track record in management consulting and senior executive leadership in the Arabian Gulf, he implements strategies for peak performance and is a sought-after speaker at global HR conferences.

Key takeaways

The basis of emotional intelligence is self awareness. Taking time to fully appreciate your values, drive, and more will pay dividends in the workplace.

Having difficult conversations in the workplace and at home are where possessing emotional intelligence will give you an edge.

For HR teams, emotional intelligence is instrumental in communicating with employees and understanding overall organisational culture.