How Employee Engagement Can Tell a Better Story

27 Apr 2022
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How Employee Engagement Can Tell a Better Story

How Employee Engagement Can Tell a Better Story

27 Apr 2022
About the speaker
  • Shane Shaps
    Shane Shaps
    President and Founder at 520 East Brands
    Shane Shaps has always made it her business to tell anyone and everyone she knows about a great product, brand or experience. In 2008 she began to incorporate her social skills with her social media activity and 520 East Brands was born. The company serves as an online voice for the brands it represents. By using social channels, brands can more readily listen to their community, appeal to their customers' needs and respond to questions and feedback. She feels strongly that a brand with just a Facebook page and a Twitter handle does not equal a social media savvy brand. Creating a real, human persona for each organisation is what Shane feels truly represents a brand and the people behind it. 520 East Brands is committed to each client by seeing engagement from the consumer's point of view. In 2021 she launched Let's Get Real, a livestream on the topic of having a real, human voice on social and this affects your brand and messaging.

Key takeaways

Choose a quantitative goal that can be scaled, and focus on that.

The decision to relinquish control may sound difficult, but it could help you to increase your engagement.

Being authentic and real wins more engagement than striving for perfection.