How to build a name in four steps

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How to build a name in four steps

About the speaker
  • Rebeca Arbona
    Rebeca Arbona
    President & Chief Truth-teller at BrandTrue
    Rebeca Arbona is President & Chief Truth-teller at BrandTrue, a firm that crafts strategy-powered names for brands, businesses, products and services. She’s a polyglot who combines brand strategy chops with her deep love of language and Linguistics degree from Yale University to craft names that are powerful, differentiating and always rooted in strategic needs. She posts regularly (some might say constantly) on LinkedIn about all things naming and brand strategy. An empty nester, she lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her relentlessly cheerful husband, grumpy cats and a hobby of collecting hobbies.

Key takeaways

The more powerful the name is, the easier it is for customers to understand what your brand represents.

When creating a brand name, one must consider the brand and founders story as one of the crucial elements.

Strategic positioning and assessing market competitiveness should also be considered.