How to be inclusive: A quick guide for content creators

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How to be inclusive: A quick guide for content creators

About the speaker
  • Purna Virji
    Purna Virji
    Author, High-Impact Content Marketing + Principal Consultant at LinkedIn
    Purna Virji is the author of High-Impact Content Marketing and Principal Consultant, Content Solutions at LinkedIn. She previously led global learning and thought leadership programs for Microsoft and is an award-winning former journalist. Virji is a top-rated international keynote speaker and has been featured in The Drum, TNW, Marketing Land and Adweek. She has also been recognized as an Adweek Young Influential, was crowned the Search Personality of the Year by the US Search Awards and was named the most influential PPC Expert in the world by PPC Hero. An award-winning former journalist, Virji is an avid traveller, aspiring top chef and enthusiastic tennis player in her spare time.

Key takeaways

Every piece of content, from words to images, has the power to perpetuate stereotypes or break them down.

Inclusivity in content marketing can be broken down into four key areas: accessibility, language, visuals, and content design.

Businesses that prioritise inclusivity tend to have greater longevity and can attract more customers.