Shaping tomorrow's workforce: a conversation with Stuart Schonell & Jethro Hepton

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Shaping tomorrow's workforce: a conversation with Stuart Schonell & Jethro Hepton

About the speakers
  • Stuart Schonell
    Stuart Schonell
    CEO at Advocacy WA
    Stuart Schonell is the dynamic CEO of Advocacy WA. With a strong commitment to creating positive change in the lives of individuals with disabilities, Stuart brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the organization. His visionary leadership has led Advocacy WA to prioritize lived experience and empowerment, creating a thriving community where everyone's voice is heard and valued. Through innovative strategies and a deep understanding of clients' needs, Stuart continues to drive Advocacy WA's mission forward.
  • Jethro Hepton
    Jethro Hepton
    Chair at Advocacy WA
    Drawing from his personal journey and lived experience, Jethro brings a unique perspective to the organization's leadership. His commitment to fostering inclusion and self-advocacy resonates deeply with Advocacy WA's values. Jethro's dedication to collaborative partnerships and systemic change has contributed to the organization's reputation as a leading force in the disability support sector. As Chairman, Jethro continues to champion the empowerment of individuals with disabilities, inspiring others to join the cause.

Key takeaways

Collaborative partnership with organizations and government bodies, magnifying voices for policy change and bettering the disability sector.

Advocacy WA creates a valued community for clients and staff.

Advocacy WA aims to empower individuals with disabilities, encouraging self-advocacy, inclusion, and meaningful lives.